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Helping with all your veterinary needs Large and Small animal


Mobile Veterinary ServiceEquine services include:  horses, donkey, mules, draft breeds as well as miniatures

Pets/Small Animal

Mobile Veterinary Service

Your pet is important, whether dogs, cats, pot-bellied pigs, goats, or what ever you like to love!

Cattle producers

Mobile Veterinary ServiceMobile Veterinary Service works with all variety of cattle operations from cow-calf to dairy.

We gladly bring our services to the door of your farm or home.

Our service area covers West Alabama, including Tuscaloosa and the surrounding counties:

Tuscaloosa, Greene, Pickens, Sumter, Hale

There are advantages of caring for animals in their home environment.

There are lots of great reasons to call Mobile Veterinary Service!

Mobile Veterinary Service is a great option for your animal's needs - find out how

Low stress

Stress is a major factor in immune suppression. Because we come to your home or farm your animal can stay where it feels most comfortable, this reduces stress.

The care you need when and where you need it

Does your dog have a broken leg? Is your horse's tooth infected? How do you know? On site radiology with immediate results. No waiting. Just one of the way you can get your answer today.

We come to you

No need to pack the kennel, hook up the trailer, or round up your feisty feline, because we are coming to you. It's good for you and good for them.

Taking the time to do it right.

Your time is important and so is ours. But even more important is to spend enough time to get the job done right.

Not just one of the herd anymore.

Individual patients deserve individual care. When everyone is treated the same you get average results. We don't think average is good enough, we want the best for all our client/patients.

Why wait?

How much time have you wasted in traffic? How long have you had to sit in waiting rooms? You do neither when you call Mobile Veterinary Service to come take care of your animal's needs.

List of Services

Mobile Veterinary Service is a full service ambulatory veterinary practice. Whether is it medicine or surgery, radiology or ultrasound, preventive care or consultation, we are able to provide. Use the links below to read more.

Preventative Health Care
Equine Dental Services
Surgical Services
Medicine/Consultation Services
Prescriptions and Supplies
Preventative Health Care

The best way to treat a problem is to prevent it in the first place. Preventative health care is an important part of the the Mobile Veterinary Service plan to keep your animal healthy Important Things to…

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Equine Dental Services

Horses have teeth too! Equine dental care is an important part of any horse’s routine up-keep.   Mobile Veterinary Service can provide your horse with the dental care you need. Important Things to Know Horses’ teeth are constantly…

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Surgical Services

“A chance to cut is a chance to cure” Surgical intervention is an important part of caring for your animals.   Whether it is the decision to prevent unwanted off-spring, the need to investigate a growing bump, or…

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Medicine/Consultation Services

When you are sick you want help – and you want it yesterday! Helping your animals get better is what our medical and consultation services are all about. Important Things to Know Preventative care is an attempt…

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Prescriptions and Supplies

Just determining a diagnosis is only half the battle. Once the problem is determined providing you and your animals with the necessary medications and supplies is usually the next step to recovery. Important Things to Know Many…

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