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Orthopedics by Ben J. Character, DVM Orthopedics is the treatment of conditions that involve the skeletal system.  The skeletal system includes muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons as well as bones.  There are several common orthopedic problems seen in dogs and cats.  In general, cats are not as prone to orthopedic problems as dogs are, because they […]

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Understanding FeLv/FIV/FIP

Understanding FeLv/FIV/FIP by Ben J. Character, DVM Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), Feline Immunodeficency Virus (FIV), and Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) are three serious viruses that affect domestic cats.  Only Feline Leukemia has an effective vaccination available.  The vaccination is approximately 80% effective in preventing infection with FeLV.  Unfortunately, there is no cure for FeLV.  FIV […]

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by Ben J. Character ABSCESSES – WHAT ARE THEY? Unlike their canine companions, most cats are not very social creatures.  This characteristic frequently leads to squabbles between themselves.  The end result of many of these fights will be an abscess.  The normal feline mouth is full of bacteria.  These bacteria keep the mouth healthy, but […]

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by Ben J. Character, DVM Does Fido seem to be itching and scratching much more than usual? He may have a syndrome called “atopy”, or as more commonly referred to, allergies.  Atopy is an allergic condition similar to allergies in humans, except that our pets do not show the upper respiratory symptoms such as sneezing or […]

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Cancer and Our Furry Friends

Dogs and cats are now living longer and more full lives due to advancements in health care available. Because of their longer life spans, we are encountering more and more cases of neoplastic disease, i.e., cancer.   Tumors occur when the normal cells begin acting in abnormal ways.  They begin multiplying uncontrollably, and will sometimes produce normal […]

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Neutering – A Therapeutic and Preventative Procedure

The neutering of our pets has become an important aspect of preventative medicine.  Spaying and castration are surgical procedures that remove the sexual organs.  Today, both of these are proven therapeutic and preventative procedures, but it was not always this way.  Before these procedures became widely accepted and practiced, there was a terrible problem with […]

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