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Tartar – A Silent But Smelly Enemy

Tartar – A Silent But Smelly Enemy by Ben J. Character, DVM What is that smell? You know the one; it comes with the sweet kiss from your favorite pooch! Chances are, that smell is coming from his or her teeth. The build-up of tartar on the teeth of our dogs and cats is a constant battle for […]

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What are Hotspots?

What are Hotspots? by Ben J. Character, DVM Hotspots are areas of severe skin infection.  Often, you will find that in the area of a hotspot, the hair is matted together. This is due to an oozing of serum from the inflamed skin.  Commonly occurring at the base of the tail, scratching and biting at […]

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Crate Training – Simple Steps for Success

Crate training is a very effective way of house training most puppies. This idea is based on the fact that dogs instinctively prefer dens for shelter.  That is, similar to wolves, dogs will seek shelter in dens, and they instinctively will try to keep these areas clean and dry.  Research has shown that wolves will […]

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Can you remember your last visit to the emergency room? Most of us have had to have medical assistance after the doctor’s office has closed.  The same is true for our pets.  Over half of our patients have needed emergency treatment at some time in their lives. There are numerous reasons why a pet may […]

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Tapeworms in dog and cats

Understanding tapeworms in your dog or cat Video explains the life cycle of the tapeworms including: the intermediate hosts how your dog and cat “get” tapeworms. It also explains: the proper use of medications for eradication how often to use the medications to make sure that all stages of the worms are killed how to […]

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Flipping the Right Switches: Stem cell therapy

Flipping the Right Switches – Stem Cell Therapy by Ben J. Character, DVM It’s the “latest and greatest” therapy that is being further researched to – optimistically – help with all kinds of diseases and ailments. Stem cells: Cells that have the potential to become another type of cell. These cells are already being used […]

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