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Toxic plant alert

Perilla Mint – toxic plant alert

Toxic plant are around us all and our animals all the time.   Usually a small dose is not enough to cause a problem.   However, when conditions are right and the dose is high enough toxic plants can be deadly.

A common time of concern is when normal feed/pasture is not available.   Times of drought, heavy snow, flooding, etc. can create a situation where a grazing animal will eat more of an herb that they would normally leave alone.  When this happens they might choose a toxic plant to furnish their nutritive needs.

Perilla mint is a weed that grows in pastures and fields.

  • causes respiratory failure in cattle
  • grows in shade under trees
  • is toxic even after cutting
  • increases in taste when wilted

Learn about the basics of how it can cause problems to cattle and what to do about it.