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Taking the time

Taking the time to do it right.

Your time is important and so is ours.  But even more important is to spend enough time to get the job done right.  We not only strive to be at our appointments on time but also work to make sure we are not rushed and can spend as much time as is necessary to meet your animal’s needs.

First things first: On time, On schedule

When it comes to having a on-site service company come to your place the most frustrating thing that can happen is for them not to show up on time.   You wait and wait thinking that they will be there any moment, but they either never show up or are hours late.  Then on top of that you have to pay their service call?!

Our goal is to be at your place at the time that we say we’ll be there.   To try and make this happen we use technology in our scheduling, communications, and access to needed resources.    To put it simply, we work hard to make this happen.

However, sometimes stuff happens.   The most common reason for a interruption in our scheduling is when emergencies come up.

I’m sure you would agree that if you had an emergency situation that you would expect us to come right then no matter if there were other clients already scheduled for that time.   Of course, this is great if you have the emergency, but if you get bumped it can be a major disruption.

When these type of events happen our commitment is that as soon as we know that the schedule is going to be off – even if only by a half an hour – we will begin the process of contacting you to let you know.    We will use all  the means we have – phone, text, email, Facebook, etc. – to let you know about the unavoidable change and when we expect to get back on schedule or what day we might need to reschedule.

 Taking the time needed

While our schedule is very important because we want to honor everyone’s time, even more important is to give YOU the time you need in order to have all your needs addressed fully.

To do this, we work to place appointments far enough apart so that there is plenty of time for consultation and treatments, but also still get to the next client on time.

You can help us keep our commitment to having the time needed while still making it to your appointment – when you make your appointment please:

  • give as much information about your need as possible
  • accurate location/directions to your animals
  • have your animals caught and ready at your appointment time

This will let us spend as much of our time in addressing your needs as necessary.

Need more convincing?

Then how about this?   Have you ever called to try and get someone to come out and see your animal only to hear “they are in surgery” or “it will have to be tomorrow, they have appointments all afternoon”?

Of course this can happen to anyone, but with the demands of a full service brick and mortar hospital to deal with sometimes out-calls take a back seat priority.

Not so at Mobile Veterinary Service.   With no clinic to tie us down, we can usually come at very little notice to care for your urgent needs.   Try us out by making your appointment today.