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Surgical Services

“A chance to cut is a chance to cure”

Surgical intervention is an important part of caring for your animals.   Whether it is the decision to prevent unwanted off-spring, the need to investigate a growing bump, or the correction of an open wound, Mobile Veterinary Service is available to care for these needs in a convenient professional and safe manner.

Important Things to Know

  1. Pain management is an important part of surgical care
  2. The typical time for performing pet neutering is around 6 months of age
  3.  Age in and of itself is not a reason against anesthesia or surgery
  4. Most equine castrations (gelding) can be performed standing
  5. A wide variety of minor procedures can be performed safely and successfully at your farm or home
  6. For most anesthesia it is a good idea to with-hold food – but not water – for 12 hours prior to the procedure

Get the Care You Deserve

Mobile Veterinary Service can provide a wide range of minor surgical procedures at your farm or home.

Field anesthesia and surgery are our expertise.  We strive to provide your animals with safe procedures with minimal pain.

Information: For advanced surgical needs, Mobile Veterinary Service will help you find the right referral center to care for your animal’s issue.

For procedures that require access to the thorax (chest) or abdomen operating room facilities and gas anesthesia are necessary.  This is also true for most airway surgeries and for external procedures that require a significant period of time to preform.  So, when you animal needs more advanced surgical care, we have the right contacts to get you referred to a hospital with veterinarians that can serve your animal’s needs.

Contact us today to see if your animal’s surgical needs may be managed at the convenience of your farm or home.