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Preventative Health Care

The best way to treat a problem is to prevent it in the first place.

Preventative health care is an important part of the the Mobile Veterinary Service plan to keep your animal healthy

Important Things to Know

  1. Annual examinations and periodic bloodwork are important because they pickup problems early
  2. Just like babies, young animals need a minimum of three vaccinations to be fully immunized
  3. Parasite control should begin even before an animal is born
  4. Not all animals are alike when it comes to their ability to control worms
  5. Heartworms can infect a dog even during the winter time
  6. Encephalitis vaccinations for horses are best given in the spring to boost immunity prior to heavy mosquito numbers

Get the Care You Deserve

Mobile Veterinary Service recommends that all our patients,  large and small, have annual preventative care.   While the procedures may vary, vigilant oversight of your animal’s health will pay off in the long run.   Our recommendations for various species are listed below:


Quote: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Ben Franklin

To help you keep your animal’s care up to date, we provide a free reminder service.  Once established as a client in good-standing with Mobile Veterinary Service, your animal’s previous care will generate reminders for any upcoming care events.  We will then either call, email, or even text you to let you know of the upcoming care need and get your appointment set for you.


Contact us today to get your animal’s on a solid preventative health care schedule.