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Medicine/Consultation Services

When you are sick you want help – and you want it yesterday!

Helping your animals get better is what our medical and consultation services are all about.

Important Things to Know

  1. Preventative care is an attempt to keep your animals from getting sick in the first place
  2. The physical exam is the heart of any medical workup
  3. When advanced diagnostics like bloodwork or x-rays are needed, we can provide.
  4. You can take your animals temperature using a normal rectal thermometer
  5. Horses do not vomit.  Dogs readily vomit.
  6. It is normal for a cow to burp up their food and re-chew it.

Get the Care You Deserve

No one likes being sick, much less having to drag yourself to the doctor.   Mobile Veterinary Service provides medical and consultation services for your sick animals in their own comfortable environment.

A common symptom of illness in animals is a reluctance or refusal to eat.  If your animal has not eaten properly and/or is acting lethargic or depressed these are signs that they are ill.  Please do not wait for symptoms to worsen before giving us a call to schedule an appointment.

Information: When dealing with a herd, the death of more than one animal in a short time frame should be investigated.

For urgent and emergency care needs Mobile Veterinary Service can provide same-day and after-hour care

If you need is urgent please use our Emergency contact information.