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Equine Dental Services

Horses have teeth too!

Equine dental care is an important part of any horse’s routine up-keep.   Mobile Veterinary Service can provide your horse with the dental care you need.

Important Things to Know

  1. Horses’ teeth are constantly growing
  2. Sometimes a horse’s baby teeth will need help coming out
  3. Your horse may have teeth that it does not need
  4. The horse’s chewing pattern is a complicated orchestra of movements
  5. A horse’s nutritional stats can be directly related to their teeth
  6. Older horses can sometimes get “wave mouths”

Get the Care You Deserve

Mobile Veterinary Service recommends that all  horses have an annual oral exam.   During this exam all the teeth are evaluated for proper placement, growth, wear, and the presence of abnormalities.

For horses that have mild wear issues, on site hand-floating can be performed at the time of exam.  Hand floating is not meant to correct major dental wear issues, but for horses that receive routine examinations so that major problems are avoided, hand floating is many time all that is needed to correct mild wear issue.

Information: The type of pasture and/or forage that your horse consumes can have a major impact on your horse’s need for dental care.

For horses that need more advanced care of their teeth Mobile Veterinary Service can provide you with a referral to a veterinarian that has the correct equipment and expertise to make major dental repairs.

Keep your horse’s mouth “up to date”.  Don’t let it slip by, get your horses’ oral exam done today.