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Not just one of the herd anymore.

Not just one of the herd

The need for individual care is becoming more obvious everyday.   Statistics show that for ever individual needing medical care the number of doctors per individual is going down.  Baby-boomers are getting older and with that they are requiring Not just one of the herd

more doctor time.   HMO’s are squeezing health care systems on pricing and in some cases forcing physicians to spend less time with each patient just to keep the costs down.

Now consider some problems of “universal care” (herd treatment mentality) on the animal health side of things.   Because of wide spread use of anti-microbials and parasites – even when some of the animals did not need the medication – we are now facing resistance to drugs that we never had before.

At Mobile Veterinary Service we are committed to treating each of our patients on the proper individual basis.   We realize that this will take more time per patient, but that is something that we are already committed to as well.

Instead of just giving your horse a dose of de-wormer on a regular schedule – and promoting drug resistance – why not find out how often your horse really needs it?

When your group of cattle your just bought has one or two that have runny noses, why not quarantine and treat those animals and then monitor the rest?

As an alternative to giving your dog a vaccine for something that they will likely never come in contact with, why not give just what they need?

Instead of you being treated just like everyone else – how about calling help that will listen to YOUR needs and work with YOU to get your animals better?

Sounds good doesn’t it?