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No waiting….

waitingThe waiting is over.

How much time have you wasted in traffic?

How long have you had to sit in waiting rooms?

You do neither when you call Mobile Veterinary Service to come take care of your animal’s needs.

No need to haul

With the price of fuel today every minute you spend sitting in traffic is not only costing you time but money as well.   And for the large animal owners, such as horses, you know that pulling that trailer is the best way to kill your fuel mileage.

Instead of wasting time and money driving back and forth to the veterinarian, Mobile Veterinary Service offers farm and home service calls.

In fact, it’s all we do.

Because it’s all we do, it means that we can give you prompt and individual attention.

No need to wait

So you decided to drive to the vet and now that you there what are you doing?   Sitting some more.

I guess that’s why they call it a “waiting” room, but there is really no reason to wait when Mobile Veterinary Service will come to you.

Instead of sitting there trying to keep the dog away from the cat or trying to keep the flies off the horse as it stands impatiently, you could be comfortably at home or getting a few extra chores done around the barn so you can get back to the things you really rather be doing.

So don’t WAIT any longer – you can make your appointment right now and Mobile Veterinary Service will come take care of all your animal care needs!