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Failure of Passive Transfer

Failure of Passive Transfer by Ben J. Character, DVM Failure of passive transfer occurs when a newborn does not receive colostrum (“first milk”) from it’s mother.  The colostrum contains antibodies that protect the newborn from infection, until it’s own immune system can defend itself.    Unlike humans and some other species of animals, most of […]

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Fescue Toxicosis in the Mare

Fescue Toxicosis in the Mare by Ben J. Character, DVM Fescue is a cool season perennial grass that is very common in Northern Alabama.  It usually grows in clumps, and does very well from September until summer of the following year.  Because of its’ ability to grow during the cooler months, it is an important […]

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Grass Tetany in Cattle

Grass Tetany in Cattle by Ben J. Character, DVM Every spring, it is important to watch for signs of Grass Tetany in cattle herds.  Grass tetany (or Hypomagnesemia) occurs when blood levels of the electrolyte magnesium become too low.   Magnesium is found in all forages and is usually provided for with good quality feed. Grass […]

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Uterine and Vaginal Prolapses in Cattle

Uterine and Vaginal Prolapses in Cattle by Ben J. Character, DVM Vaginal and uterine prolapse are two problems that can be seen during calving season.  They are both related, in different ways, to the calving process.  Although related, each has a different cause and should be considered differently as the producer makes decisions pertaining to […]

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Calving Season

Calving Season by Ben J. Character, DVM Calving season is just around the corner for most producers, and with it comes the occasional calving problem.  The following are a few tips to help during problem cases: Daily herd checks, even if it’s just a quick drive by twice a day, may help in locating problems.  […]

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Large Animal Vaccinations

Large Animal Vaccinations by Ben J. Character, DVM With all of the choices available for the vaccination of livestock, it is hard to know what vaccinations are best for the needs or your herd. Unfortunately, there is no magical protocol.  Each vaccination regime should be tailored to the specific needs of each operation.  The following […]

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