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Tartar – A Silent But Smelly Enemy

Tartar – A Silent But Smelly Enemy by Ben J. Character, DVM What is that smell? You know the one; it comes with the sweet kiss from your favorite pooch! Chances are, that smell is coming from his or her teeth. The build-up of tartar on the teeth of our dogs and cats is a constant battle for […]

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What are Hotspots?

What are Hotspots? by Ben J. Character, DVM Hotspots are areas of severe skin infection.  Often, you will find that in the area of a hotspot, the hair is matted together. This is due to an oozing of serum from the inflamed skin.  Commonly occurring at the base of the tail, scratching and biting at […]

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Veterinary Feed Directive

Understanding the Veterinary Feed Directive As of January 2017 the FDA has made changes to the use of several antibiotics that have been commonly used in animal feeds.  As a way to regulate these antibiotics, the FDA has created the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) . In order to purchase feed (this included minerals feed alone […]

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Toxic plant alert

Perilla Mint – toxic plant alert Toxic plant are around us all and our animals all the time.   Usually a small dose is not enough to cause a problem.   However, when conditions are right and the dose is high enough toxic plants can be deadly. A common time of concern is when normal feed/pasture is […]

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Because it makes life easy

  Why should you call Mobile Veterinary Service? here are lots of great reasons: Lower Stress:  Stress is a major factor in immune suppression. Because we come to your home or farm… read more No waiting:  How much time have you wasted in traffic? How long have you had to sit in waiting rooms? You […]

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Tapeworms in dog and cats

Understanding tapeworms in your dog or cat Video explains the life cycle of the tapeworms including: the intermediate hosts how your dog and cat “get” tapeworms. It also explains: the proper use of medications for eradication how often to use the medications to make sure that all stages of the worms are killed how to […]

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