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Geriatric Care for Your Older Pet

Geriatric Care for Your Older Pet by Ben J. Character, DVM Due to advances in human and veterinary medicine, our pets are living longer and healthier lives. Because of this, we have learned that our older pets have special needs. There are several things to consider in the care of your older pet. A common […]

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Antifreeze Toxicity – What You Should Know

Antifreeze Toxicity – What You Should Know by Ben J. Character, DVM   Traditionally, antifreeze used in engines contains the chemical ethylene glycol (EG).  If EG is ingested by an animal, it can cause serious damage and/or death. Surprisingly, it is the by-products of the EG metabolism, not the EG itself, that is toxic.  Because […]

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Diabetes in Dogs and Cats

Diabetes in Dogs and Cats by Ben J. Character, DVM Diabetes mellitus is a common problem that results in trouble regulating blood glucose (blood sugar) levels.  In the normal animal, the pancreas produces insulin after a meal, which allows the sugars to be metabolized correctly.  If an animal has diabetes, this process is disrupted. The […]

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Large Animal Vaccinations

Large Animal Vaccinations by Ben J. Character, DVM With all of the choices available for the vaccination of livestock, it is hard to know what vaccinations are best for the needs or your herd. Unfortunately, there is no magical protocol.  Each vaccination regime should be tailored to the specific needs of each operation.  The following […]

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Orthopedics by Ben J. Character, DVM Orthopedics is the treatment of conditions that involve the skeletal system.  The skeletal system includes muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons as well as bones.  There are several common orthopedic problems seen in dogs and cats.  In general, cats are not as prone to orthopedic problems as dogs are, because they […]

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Calf Processing

Calf Processing by Ben J. Character, DVM As fall approaches, many spring calves will be nearing weaning. Weaning time is an excellent time to process your calves while they are up. Calf processing can consist of many things. The standard items include deworming, vaccinating, and tagging. Other things that can be done during this time […]

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