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Failure of Passive Transfer

Failure of Passive Transfer by Ben J. Character, DVM Failure of passive transfer occurs when a newborn does not receive colostrum (“first milk”) from it’s mother.  The colostrum contains antibodies that protect the newborn from infection, until it’s own immune system can defend itself.    Unlike humans and some other species of animals, most of […]

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Fescue Toxicosis in the Mare

Fescue Toxicosis in the Mare by Ben J. Character, DVM Fescue is a cool season perennial grass that is very common in Northern Alabama.  It usually grows in clumps, and does very well from September until summer of the following year.  Because of its’ ability to grow during the cooler months, it is an important […]

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The Retained Placenta in Horses and Cows

The Retained Placenta in Horses and Cows by Ben J. Character, DVM “Retained placenta” is a self-descriptive term referring to the inappropriate lack of passage of the fetal membranes (that is, the calf  or foal’s “bag”) after birth. This condition can occur in any species, but the severity and importance for removal depends greatly on […]

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Cancer and Our Furry Friends

Dogs and cats are now living longer and more full lives due to advancements in health care available. Because of their longer life spans, we are encountering more and more cases of neoplastic disease, i.e., cancer.   Tumors occur when the normal cells begin acting in abnormal ways.  They begin multiplying uncontrollably, and will sometimes produce normal […]

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Can you remember your last visit to the emergency room? Most of us have had to have medical assistance after the doctor’s office has closed.  The same is true for our pets.  Over half of our patients have needed emergency treatment at some time in their lives. There are numerous reasons why a pet may […]

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Because it makes life easy

  Why should you call Mobile Veterinary Service? here are lots of great reasons: Lower Stress:  Stress is a major factor in immune suppression. Because we come to your home or farm… read more No waiting:  How much time have you wasted in traffic? How long have you had to sit in waiting rooms? You […]

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