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Tapeworms in dog and cats

Understanding tapeworms in your dog or cat Video explains the life cycle of the tapeworms including: the intermediate hosts how your dog and cat “get” tapeworms. It also explains: the proper use of medications for eradication how often to use the medications to make sure that all stages of the worms are killed how to […]

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Flipping the Right Switches: Stem cell therapy

Flipping the Right Switches – Stem Cell Therapy by Ben J. Character, DVM It’s the “latest and greatest” therapy that is being further researched to – optimistically – help with all kinds of diseases and ailments. Stem cells: Cells that have the potential to become another type of cell. These cells are already being used […]

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4 FREE hours of consultation for NEW cattle producers

Don’t miss this opportunity!  Limited time offer… 4 FREE hours of consultation for NEW cattle producers Did you know? Most small business fail in the first 5 years. Cattle production is a business. The best way to prevent early failure is to get started correctly. The best way to start well is to have good […]

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Helping you with Cattle Herd Health

Cattle herd health plans Because no single Health Plan fits every farm it is very important to develop a close relationship with our clients while developing a comprehensive Herd Health program. The following links describe plans for developing a Herd Health program and some general recommendations for vaccine and other preventative health activities. Cattle Herd […]

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Diagnostics: Ultrasound

Ultrasound diagnostics How it works: Ultrasound (also called sonography or sonogram) is the use of sound waves to see structures hidden within other structures. Working similarly to radar, an ultrasound probe emits sound waves which bounce off of structures in differing waves back to the transducer.  These returning sound waves are then “read” by the […]

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Understanding health papers for your horse.

What exactly are “health papers”? Health papers are technically called “Certificates of Veterinary Inspection” (VCI).    This proper name actually helps to communicate more accurately what “health papers” are. The video above seeks to help answer questions such as: When do I need health papers? How long are they good for? What do I need to […]

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